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The Ballet

Music by Glenna Burmer
Choreography by Ronald Tice and Jennifer Porter

This new ballet traces Dante Alighieri’s journey through the nine levels of Hell in a chilling and beautiful tour-de-force of music, dance, striking masks, costumes, and choreography. With original music, masks, and sets created by Glenna Burmer, and music conducted by Grammy-award winner David Sabee and recorded at Studio X, this ballet is filled with exciting music, demonic dancing and wild choreography by the master Ronald Tice and Jennifer Porter.

Come join us for the sights and sounds of Dante’s journey into Hell . . .


Demeter & Persephone
Music by Tim Huling
Choreography by Ronald Tice

A beautiful, lyrical ballet that features original music by Tim Huling, conducted by David Sabee and featuring the NW Sinfonia. The ballet tells the story of Demeter, the Greek Goddess of the Harvest, and her daughter Persephone, who is abducted by Hades and rescued by Hermes. The story moves through the cycle of the seasons. With original choreography by Ronald Tice.

Sacred and Profane
Music by Glenna Burmer and Tim Huling
Choreography by Jennifer Porter

A dialogue in music and movement between light and darkness, Sacred and Profane shows two contrasting sides to the feminine personality. Piano and violin accompany the dancers, featuring original music composed by Glenna Burmer and Tim Huling.

February 21-23, 2014
The Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue, WA

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